In her decades long art career, Jeanne Mitchem has explored the subjects of mortality, religious iconography and anti-establishment through her paintings, portraits and sculpture. She began oil painting and metal smithing in 2002 at Northern Arizona University. She switched to acrylic in 2011 just before completing her first 200 square foot mural in Phoenix, Arizona. After moving to Seattle Washington in 2012, Jeanne was one of three founders of the Happytime Apocalypse Gallery at the Greenwood Art Collective.

Jeanne Mitchem is currently working at her home studio just South of Seattle. She creates sterling silver and bronze jewelry pieces. Jeanne’s metal work includes pieces inspired by biker culture, steam punk, and heavy metal art and music. She is well known in her community for creating false color acrylic portraits of deceased musicians and homeless community members. Some of Jeanne’s portraits so far have included, David Bowie, Wesley Willis, Shannon Hoon and Syd Barrett. She also creates commissioned realistic ball point pen portraits.

In collaboration with her partner, Simon Stephens, Jeanne also creates original t-shirts, patches and buttons, which target fascism, classism, gender inequality and racism.


“Jeanne is awesome.” –Her mom

“Jeanne’s mom is right.” –Hey Carollan

“I can vouch for Hey and Jeanne’s mom, they’re good people.” –Her partner